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Terms & Conditions

The following will apply to all users, clients and agents. Zedd image licence agreement is between Zedd (ABN 25442094012) and clients. Upon confirming your appointment you are obligated to agree and follow our terms and conditions including Zedd Image licence agreement.

Section 1- Image use

1.1 Zedd license is individual, non-transferable and non-exclusive. Under this license agreement, you have the right to re-size, print or use in digital format for any type of medium.
1.2 Zedd Image license is limited only to the duration of the property listing or your advertising campaigns. Upon termination of your campaigns, Zedd reserves the full rights.
1.3 The following are prohibited in compliance with the licence granted. It is prohibited to resell, sub-license, lend and distribute the whole or part of image. It is prohibited to use the whole or part of image in third party’s products, commercials, reports, post cards or posters. Or for Political, slanderous, immoral, offensive and degrading purposes. It is also prohibited to represent or reproduce, complete or partial without the consent of Zedd.
1.4 Images remain the property of Zedd and protected under copyright and loyalty policies. It is mandatory to contact Zedd upon bridging or extension of your agreements. In such events extra charges may apply.
1.5 Zedd also reserved the right to resell images upon termination of campaigns.


Section 2- Disclosure to vendors, tenants, investor or any associated person(s)

2.1 Clients must inform vendors, tenants, investor or any associated person(s) the terms of this agreement. Only Upon request a copy of this agreement will be presented to any associated person(s), agencies or companies and may include watermarks or security tags.
2.2 It is prohibited for Vendors, tenants, investor or any associated person(s) to reproduce, resell or redistribute images for commercial or marketing purposes including third parties such as marketing and advertising companies or agencies.
2.3 Vendors, tenants, investor or any associated person(s) reserve the right to use images for personal purposes only. In such events, images may contain watermarks or security tags.
2.4 This agreement is between Zedd and the client. We refer to ‘the client’ as the person, agency or the company that requested and confirmed the delivery of our services. Vendors, tenants, investor or any associated person(s) have no involvement in this agreement and also have no rights over images unless specifically requested. In such events extra charges may apply.

Section 3- Terminations  

3.1 Zedd license agreement may terminated without further notice upon termination of listenings or advertising campaigns, or upon bridging of agreements. In such events

          I. Immediately stop using any associated images that have been delivered by Zedd.
          II. Immediately delete all copies of associated images.

Section 4- Delivery and Payments

4.1 Zedd delivers images one to two working days after the finial photo shoot.
4.2 Payments must made within 14 working days of reciving invoice. A draft version of images with watermarks will be send and upon accepting, an invoice will be sent. The full resolution photos will not be available to clients until clearance of any accounts.
4.3 The full resolution photos will not contain watermarks.
4.4 Zedd photograph the property as is. Zedd will not stage, organise or prepare properties.
Section 5-Cancelations

5.1 Any cancelation must be made 24 hours prior to the appointment.
5.2 Zedd do not charge cancelation fees.
5.3 Zedd may cancel appointments due to weather conditions. in such events, We may continue with scheduled appointments to undertake interior shots and reschedule an appointment for exterior shots.
Section 6- Fees

6.1 All fees are subjected to change without further notice.
Section 7 Governing Laws

7.1 This Agreement will be governed in all respects by the laws of Australia. The Courts of the Australia shall have the non-exclusive jurisdiction to hear any disputes under this Agreement. Not withstanding the foregoing, Zedd shall have.


Privacy Policy

 Zedd respects and protects individual privacy. We will not disclose customers name, phone numbers, email address and property details including address, images, listing dates and sold prices to any individual or organisations. We also will not disclose any sensitive agents information including the number of projects or estimates total revenue to any individual or organisations. We also do not collect sensitive informations from visitors of our website. If you believe we are bridging the above mentioned privacy policies in any ways please contact us.


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